Anyone who heats with wood knows it takes a long time before you start to feel warm. You’ve got a nice fire going and your stove is getting hot, but you’re still shivering.

The problem is that wood stoves don’t circulate heat very well. As your stove slowly gets warm, heat gathers around the stove and then rises, making its way past you to the ceiling. Eventually you start to feel warm, but it takes some time.

Fortunately, Ecofans can help reduce that long, cold wait!

Invented in Canada almost 25 years ago, Ecofans are heat-powered fans designed to improve your free-standing stove experience. They circulate air gently at just the right speed, so that you feel warmth rather than any kind of cooling effect. Ecofans eliminate cold corners and make you feel warm faster…in fact, testing by the University of Waterloo confirmed that you’ll feel warm up to 38% faster!

Powered solely by heat from your stove, Ecofans do not require solar hookups, batteries, or electricity, making them perfect for off-grid use or areas where power outages are common. You simply place the fan on the back corner of your stove away from the pipe and start your fire. The fan will start automatically as your stove heats up, and stop as the stove cools down. 

Get cozy faster with Ecofan, the first heat-powered stove fan of its kind. It’ll be your new best friend on those cold winter mornings.