About Us

Designed, tested and built for the recreational boat and RV user, Seekr showcases an acclaimed line of premium fans and heaters that provide enhanced comfort and protection against extreme weather conditions. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 12V and 24V fans, SEEKR products are found in boats and RVs of all sizes across the globe, allowing users to cruise in comfort and maximize their enjoyment both on the water and off the grid.


Concepts for SEEKR products are developed at Caframo headquarters in Ontario, Canada: The land of four seasons. As such, our summers are hot, our winters are cold, and we’re dedicated to increasing your comfort levels in both.

Customer Service

When’s the last time you called customer service and the phone was answered by an actual human? No automated menu, no waiting on hold, no fuss. That’s the kind of customer care we pride ourselves on. It’s a small detail that makes a world of difference.


SEEKR products are assembled on site at the Caframo plant in Wiarton, Ontario. Our products can be trusted to perform as specified and you can be sure that they will uphold the reputation of quality design Caframo is known for.


Our engineers continually think about how to build and improve on the products our customers need to make their lives more comfortable. During your journey you can rest assured your comfort will not be compromised because our team has invested the time it takes to ensure SEEKR products perform right.

Research & Development

We are constantly striving to improve our products and manufacture new designs to increase your level of comfort wherever your journey takes you. If you ever find yourself wishing our products did even one thing better, give us a call to discuss it! Nobody can help us discover how improve our products to better suit your lifestyle than you can – and we’re here to listen!


Every SEEKR product goes through vigorous, true-to-life testing to ensure it performs in the environment it’s made for – especially if the environment it’s made for takes a turn for the worst. Salt water testing and a “slam test” are performed to help our engineers modify and improve SEEKR products so that they can accompany you for years of adventures to come.

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