36 weeks. That’s how much time has passed since Priscilla and Robbie first laid eyes on their yellow school bus and posted their first picture on Instagram. Since then, the couple behind @Going_Boundless have turned their school bus into a home. Just calling it a home doesn’t evoke enough of what they’ve made. They could be sleeping in a school bus still resembling a school bus – sprawled out across seats in sleeping bags, with empty water bottles and ramen noodle packs littering the floor – and call it home, but this is more than a shelter, and Pricsilla and Robbie are far from slumming it. Instead, this school bus is a boutique, luxurious house on wheels.

If you scroll back in their feed to the time when the bus was just coming together, you’ll note there were plants in holders before the bus was finished. A testament to the level of priority they’ve given their home’s vibe. In fact, if you look closely (or not even that closely) you’ll see plants everywhere, with dedicated nooks and holders throughout the bus interior.

It’s the touch of nature, the rustic-meets-modern ambiance, and the fact that it’s all wrapped up in a mobile adventure package that makes the couple’s look so popular. When they installed their wood stove, a Hobbit from Salamander Stoves, a mini frenzy broke out over its cuteness. Our favourite part though, obviously, is the ECOFAN they have on top. It makes sense, having the length of a bus to get warm air flowing into, and if they didn’t think of it themselves, we gladly would have sent one along in exchange for a couple images of an AirMax inside their gorgeous home.

Via Instagram messenger, Priscilla says their AirMax makes a huge difference with heat distribution. We were tickled to be in touch and love their daily travel updates in beautiful photo vignettes. Look out for more from this travel-adventure couple! We’ll be sure to show off their bus on our channel again with a brand new Ecofan atop it in the near future!