Google Trends is a tool widely used by journalists and scholars looking to catch a rise or fall in Google queries for specific areas and times. For example, if you wanted to know the economic health of a city, you might look up “food bank” over the last 24months to see if searches related to the topic have gone up or down, and in what months people are more likely to need their services. It is also a tool that marketers can use to gauge the interest of a demographic on topics related to their products.

Caframo wanted to understand if Caravan season in Australia has suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Sure enough, March 2020 sees a 30-40% dip in queries related to caravanning compared to the same month in the last 5 years.

What’s really interesting is that while overall search interest for caravanning drops, in the last 90 days, searches for caravan sales, both new and used, are up approximately 4,000%.

Below are 5 queries related to “caravan” in Australia from the last 90 days. Two caravan shows were canceled, and “breakout” refers to searches that were not present 90 days earlier but have seen a spike in searches. It makes sense that searches to find out if caravan parks are closed also spiked in the time period.

When it comes to buying new and used caravans, can we safely assume that the last 90 days saw such a huge spike in these related queries because so many people wanted an option to just “get away from it all?”

Visiting the outback in Australia is a special part of Aussie culture. These days, as the pandemic unfolds, finding “space” for oneself and one’s family seems more valuable. It’s understandable that Aussies who don’t currently own a caravan, want one.

If caravan parks are currently closed, we hope Australians can find safe spaces to enjoy the outback with their immediate family.


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