As the Covid-19 pandemic plays out, people are wondering if we’ll ever truly return to “normal.” There are just certain things that may have seen their end or, will have changed so much they’ll be forever unrecognizable. For one, the appeal of big city living has surely suffered. So many things that make living in a city great will take years to return to normal. Right now, can you fathom attending a concert, sporting event, night club or public attraction? Even when these things are offered again, it will take time for us to trust them and find the level of enjoyment in them we once did.

The way things are these days, a get together with some extended family would be as exciting as anything once was. Hosting a group of friends for dinner would be Superbowl level thrilling. Gathering in a group of more than 5 people would tickle the senses silly. Is it safe to say that we’ll all need less when this is over?

People who live in a rural setting, full time or part time, do so with the intention of “getting away from it all.” For them, big city attractions take a toll on the mind and spirit and a rural setting offers a recharge. People that live in a rural setting have undoubtedly faired a bit better than the urban population during this crisis – with more space to roam, fewer people to risk running into, and less of the virus to fear. For these reasons, it’s likely many people will be looking to move to an area with more space when the pandemic clears.

Caframo has been making products for people who like to get away from it all for decades. We make products for people that heat with wood, love to get out on their boat, or camp in their RV or caravan. The JOI Lamp, having come to fruition on the back of the same technology our Ecofan uses, has become a wonderfully loved product for people who use it for off-grid lighting. You need look no further than our Amazon reviews to see evidence of this. In a rural setting, even if you’re on-grid, sometimes you’re not – storms happen - and the JOI Lamp is loved for these situations too.

Watch our JOI Lamp in action here and stay safe out there – on grid or off!